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What are Digi-cards? VIEW
What media can I get or sell through digi-cards? VIEW
Do I need a reader for the cards? VIEW
Do I need internet connection? VIEW
Is this safe? VIEW
Is this legal? VIEW
Does this replace CDs/DVDs? VIEW
About the readers, where can I find them and how much do they cost? VIEW
I've seen many cards out there are they digi-cards? VIEW
How do I know the card is legit? VIEW
Can I use this card more than once? VIEW
Why can I only download the media once? VIEW
When I use the card manually it asks me for personal information, am I opening an account? VIEW
When I get the Magtek digi-card reader, what do I do? VIEW
If I have a problem when my media is downloading and it shuts down, then what? VIEW
I am an artist, can I distribute my product with digi-cards? VIEW
Can I be a part of digi-cards? VIEW
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